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Primary Water for everyone our mission

Our Mission

To allow everyone access to clean water.

Primary Warer from the core of Earth

Primary Water

You need to dive beneath the surface, where Earth’s deep layers hide an extraordinary kind of water. Not a drop from the sky or a ripple in a well, but a mysterious source born from Earth’s own energy. Here’s how nature crafts this hidden treasure

Primary Water reactions

Birthplace of water

Deep inside Earth, it’s not just decay of radioactive elements that heats things up. Another process involves a reaction with iron and nickel that releases hydrogen, which is a super light element. This reaction gives off a lot of heat, and it’s part of why we have volcanoes and earthquakes.

As the hydrogen bubbles up towards the surface, it can react with oxygen, and this creates water:

2H₂ + O₂ = 2H₂O


the journey of primary water

journey of water

This means that deep underground, there’s a lot of pressure building up, enough to crack the earth’s crust. Through these cracks, water formed from the gases reaches the surface. Surprisingly, a lot of the water we see coming out in volcanic eruptions is actually from this deep underground source – as much as 95%!

So, the water we discover isn’t your usual groundwater. It comes from deep within the Earth, formed from these natural processes, and it’s different from the water you might find in a well or river.

water abundance primary water

Unlimited Water

Understanding the origins and flow of underground water equips us with the tools to unlock a virtually limitless water supply, no matter where we are. By tapping directly into the Earth’s natural fractures, we can unleash a stream of pure, pressurized water, offering a reliable source for our needs.  

Pioneering Water Discovery

Pioneering Water Discovery

Our innovative geo-scanning technology goes beyond traditional methods, capturing not just the echoes of the Earth but also its resonant frequencies. This advanced approach, coupled with our specialized equipment, leads us to discover and map hidden water channels with remarkable precision. This means we can bring forth water from the depths to sustain life and cultivate growth, even in the most unexpected places.

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